Flower Fluff


#1 The image is from Whimsy Stamps
These are the supplies and tools you will need to make this card.
Take your image and color it. You may need to have up to 3 of the same image for the layers.Then glue it to 3 layers of card stock with lots of tacky glue because you want the paper to become soft.

Flower Fluff

You can use this in place of flowersoft and it's just a small fraction of the cost.
 Items needed :

 Two large Styrofoam balls, ink refills,  small containers, small bowl and spoon.

Rub the two Styrofoam balls together to get a fine dust then add a few drops of reinker and smoosh it around in the bowl until you get the desired color.

Leave uncovered over night so it can dry then put into small containers.

I made the cattails on this card using my flower fluff with a little glue and covered wire. It works great for flowers, animals and any greens.