Digi by Sandi

Gravy boat


Cactus Flower

Cactus Pot


123 Britter Critter

122 Hope butterfly

121 Heart Butterfly

120- Fire Truck

118- Lady Autumn

117 - Halloween balloon

114- Fuchsia Birdhouse

113 pansy
112 Deco image

111 Sunflowers

 110 Hibiscus

109 Lily swag

 108 Pansy

 107 Rusty Truck-

106  Lady Trina

105 Wedding Car
104 Rooster
 103 Bell Flowers

102 Poppies

101 Chuck

100 The Golf Cart

99 Flower blub

98 Ducky Love

97 Colored eggs

96 Coco cup

95 Coco pot

94 Heart Levi

93 Love Frog
 92 Heart Candy Machine

 91 Fall  wagon

90 Birdbath

89 Watering can

 88 Baby

 87 Tee Off

  86 Heart Cupcake

84 Madison

83 Old Boot

82 cake

81 Stephie's choice

80 Rose tea cup
79 Rose teapot

78 Recipe card

77 Cookie Jar

76 Sleeping Bear

75 Maykayla Sings

74 Shelby with hose
73 Madi's Pumpkin

72 Wiener Dog

71 Pansy swag
70 Hanging Pansys

69 Pete 

68 Levi

67 Alyssa 

66 Skeleton Bear

65 Snowman

64-cat in pumpkin


62-Poinsettia butterfly

61-Pumpkins 4 SALE

60-Lady Kathleen

59-Long stem Roses

58-Cabbage roses

57-Golf bag 


55-Party Drink 


53-Old Chevy Truck

52-Perfume bottle

51- Jeep

50-Vintage Boot

49-Dragonfly side view

48-Dragonfly full view

47-Madi's Basket
46-Rose Butterfly

45-Heart Balloons

44-Bobbie with valentine


42-Autumn in point

41-Autumn in globe

40-Madi Tries


37-Bear stocking

35-Holiday Alyssa

34-Mouse Baby


32-Bewitching Babe

31-Boo Bear


28-Madi 2


26-Poodle skirt

25-Hat Lady

24-Balloon Babe

23-Wonder Babe

22-Beach Babe

21-Bunny Babe

20-Resting Hummer

19-Blue Iris

18Blue flowers

17  Fuchsia teacup
16  Fuchsia teapot

15. Pansy water pitcher

14. Daisy

13. Ol Yeller


12. Flowers

11. Ornament

10. Poinsettia stocking

9. Big boy pool

8. Oops!

7. Pumpkin home

6. Spooky Ghost
5. Pansy Wreath

4. Side Butterfly
3. Full Butterfly

2. Autumn fairy

1. Fairy


  1. Sandi, The two images that attracted me most were your life drawings of the young woman and the young girl. This I believe is.what separates you from all the other digital stamp artists I've seen, you HONESTLY CONVEY EMOTION without resorting to comedy. Please draw more of these and make your own niche. I would love to try coloring them if you would send them to me.and.I think you too should make cards with them. Sincerely MelanieMakes.

  2. I agree with Melanie... your more realistic images stand out from the rest. They look more like real stamped images than a lot of the other cartoonish drawings out there.

  3. Sandi your digi are adorable I love the Christmas stocking.The butterflies are so beautiful and will have to say my favorite.

  4. wow hun, your drawings are all awesome, love them! I can see you have grown, your images are getting better and better with each one, keep it up, one day you will wake up famous :) woohoo wtg hun

  5. Sandi, your digi's are awesome, so real. Love them all. I wish I could color like you. Hugs. Berni

  6. I tried to find a place to post and stumbled across this. Hope it is the right place. Love the golf bag digi, thank you bunches and bunches hugs, Cathy K

  7. Thank you for the golf bag digi. It is difficult to find the place to leave a comment to thank you. But I agree that your digis are the bomb & I love them. Thanks again.

  8. Sandi I tried to find where to thank you for the beautiful roses digi' It is os beautiful. So I am posting here to let you know I love your digi's. Hugs, Cathy K

  9. The perfume bottle is beautiful. Thank you for all of your great digi stamps.

  10. hi sandi ... I have just downloaded the perfume bottle thank you so much for sharing ... happy crafting and love sandy xx

  11. Sandi, wow! Your images are gorgeous. I would love to color some of them. The 89 Watering can,59-Long stem Roses, the 58 cabbage roses and so many more. You are an amazing artist. The ones of children and woman. How do I go about obtaining a couple of your Digis? Thanks!

  12. Sandi, they are amazing... I love them...
    Laura D.

  13. I adore 60 Lady Kathleen! Your dragonflies and butterflies and flowers are..... speachless... Love your digis!!
    Nana April

  14. I love your dog and kitty images! They're adorable! How does one order your digis?

  15. Just checked out your images and they are goreous.