Masking image with glue

Masking an image with Rubber cement

Did you know you can mask a colored image with glue and after doing your background, you
can peel it back off without changing your coloring? Let me show you how!
Supplies needed:
Elmers Rubber Cement - not the white glue.
Colored Image - My image is by Fitztown
Ink Markers
Small brush
For small disposable brushes I used Doctors Brush Picks and you can     
purchase them in any drugstore in the dental supplies area.
After you have colored your image , I used Copic
markers but this technic will work with any media
such as colored pencils, water color etc. start applying
the rubber cement to the image and be generous with
the rubber cement.
                                                                                                              Let the Rubber cement dry for about 30 minutes until it feels

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