Friday, September 16, 2011

Butterfly tutorial

#1 The image is from Whimsy Stamps 
These are the supplies and tools you will need to make this card. You can use almost any stamp to make a magnet pin card.
Take your image and color it. You may need to have up to 3 of the same image for the layers.Then glue it to 3 layers of card stock with lots of tacky glue because you want the paper to become soft.
Next cut out the image that will be the bottom and bend the wings until they are the way you want them.


 #9 This needs to be done to all of the pieces.

Using a black marker go around all edges then add stickles where ever you want it and let it dry.

Now start laying the pieces by putting a small amount the quick dry glue then add each piece.
Your butterfly should look like this now.


You are now ready to spray it with the triple thick clear Glaze. Spray it 3 or 4 times letting it dry in between spraying.

When it dry turn it over and spray the underneath side. Then add your  or magnet.

Tape a washer to the back of your colored card stock as this will hold the magnet in place on the card. Then just tape it all together and add your ribbon and it's done!


  1. Thanks for sharing the tutorial. The butterfly turned out great. I do believe though that the butterfly is from Whimsy Stamps.

  2. fantastic tutorial, will have to remember to try this, I really love your butterfly

  3. wowzers!!! this is beautiful!! and what a great tut. ty for sharing..loves ya